CFN continuously gathers information about government programs that present business opportunities for industry, with emphasis on those related to defence and security.

CFN interprets and analyzes what is said and written, and then forecasts emerging directions of government projects, plans, budgets and procurement priorities. Written analyses are distributed to clients regularly and when there are major developments of interest.

From the experience and knowledge base of the Partners and Associates, CFN provides advice, counsel and support to clients who in turn can provide the products and services needed to meet the stated and anticipated requirements of end-users.

Strategic Planning

In the development of a strategy to do business with the Government of Canada, CFN works with clients to define goals and objectives, identify immediate and longer term opportunities, and to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the competition.

CFN also helps clients to formulate strategic business plans, including the identification of partners, resources, and investments needed for success in the Canadian defence and security market.

Competitive Bid Proposals

CFN works with clients to:

  • identify addressable opportunities and prospective competitors;
  • select partners and negotiate teaming arrangements;
  • analyze the acceptability of proposed solutions;
  • contribute to red-team analysis and bid review;
  • assist in the development and implementation of Socio-Economic and Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) strategies, plans, and commitments to meet government requirements; and
  • develop a suitable communications plan in support of a proposal submission.

Socio-Economic and Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITBs)

Major equipment and service expenditures for the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Coast Guard result in the need for contractors to provide Socio-Economic or Industrial and Technological Benefits - formerly known as Industrial Regional Benefits. CFN has provided services in this area for many years, and is a recognized centre of excellence capable of dealing with Socio-Economic and ITB requirements.

CFN provides extensive assistance to companies with Socio-Economic or ITB obligations – from strategy development, to detailed planning, to researching opportunities, to the submission of transaction proposals. The introduction of rated Value Propositions (VPs) as an element of the ITB policy, which can significantly influence the evaluation scoring of a proposal, makes ITB planning ever more important.

With its extensive network throughout industry, CFN is also able to facilitate linkages between those with Socio-Economic or ITB obligations and those who can assist in fulfilling them.

Contract Management

CFN provides assistance in dealing with post-contract award issues during the implementation phase of contractual activity.

CFN can help clients with:

  • establishing and maintaining a working relationship with the customer;
  • developing and implementing communications plans;
  • building successful strategies for major sub-contracting;
  • preparing contingency plans to deal with unexpected problems; and
  • addressing contract issues through dispute resolution, if/when necessary.