About Us

CFN works as a team, pooling its expertise. All members of the team are committed to serving clients to enable successful business solutions, and our clients have full, unrestricted access to the entire team, thus ensuring that a full range of expertise is available to deal with any particular issue.

The Partners and Associates are acknowledged experts in understanding the issues, opportunities, and risks involved in competing for major government projects. They know from firsthand knowledge and experience how risks can be minimized and problems solved.

The Ottawa office focuses on the federal government departments and agencies headquartered in the nation’s capital. The Ottawa-based team provides well-informed advice and targeted assistance that can best be derived from this central location, given the proximity and access to government information sources and events on a daily basis.

The CFN presence on the East and West coasts has developed to meet the demand in these regions. In Halifax, our subsidiary firm, CFN Consultants (Atlantic) Inc, services the aerospace, defence and public safety industry in Atlantic Canada. It is also well-connected with the governments of the Atlantic provinces and has expertise in areas beyond the traditional aerospace, defence and public safety focus of the Ottawa office. These areas include ocean technology and off-shore oil and gas, and involves work to assist with policy development, program evaluation, legislative reviews, research and development opportunities, and the overall innovation agenda. In a comparable manner, our associates in CFN's office in Victoria BC have developed a network of contacts within Government, and are known to wide range of innovative companies in British Columbia. Both CFN Consultants (Atlantic) and CFN's Victoria office are able to draw upon assistance from Ottawa as needed.

Throughout the CFN network, the broader team pulls together to coordinate activities and share information, all with the goal of better serving our clients.

 CFN approach


The extensive experience which the members of the CFN team have gained through previous senior government, military, and industry appointments is formidable. This depth of knowledge enables CFN to interpret government requirements accurately in terms of operational need, limitations of budget, areas of flexibility, options available, and potential trade-offs.

CFN can help devise a winning strategy including teaming and consortia arrangements that will provide clients with an edge on the competition.

CFN knows the Government of Canada's key policy and decision makers and is well situated to refer clients to the most relevant contacts on any project of interest.

Extended Relationships & Affiliations

Through affiliations with other firms, CFN can tap into a wider network of highly professional consultant groups to assist clients, particularly in the area of new business development.

For example, CFN has developed close working relationships with firms providing highly specific, in-depth expertise in a range of relevant disciplines including political lobbying/government relations, public relations, export controls and controlled goods, indigenous participation and capture management, bid preparation and proposal writing in the Canadian context.

Such affiliations increase the depth and breadth of services that can be offered, and these relationships extend the CFN team's ability to address client needs even further.

Proven Record

Over the years, CFN has established itself as the premier government aerospace, defence and public safety procurement consultancy in Canada, with a proven record of success working with both Canadian and international companies. The constant evolution of our skill sets and renewal of our team through structured succession planning ensures our team offers relevant, current and fulsome advice to our clients.



The Partners and Associates of CFN are well known to the leaders of both industry and government and have earned the respect of both for their capabilities, judgment, integrity, experience and discretion.