Andre Deschamps - Managing Senior Partner

Andre Deschamps

A fighter and tactical transport pilot, Lieutenant-General (Retd) Andre Deschamps, CMM, CD, commanded at the squadron, base/wing and strategic levels, and possesses extensive knowledge of domestic, international and Arctic operations, and served overseas with NATO forces in Germany, Kosovo and Southwest Asia. He spent over eight years working at the strategic level in Ottawa in such positions as: Director for Domestic Operations for the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff; the Chief of Staff for the Canadian Expeditionary Forces Command (all CAF operations overseas); the Assistant Chief of the Air Staff and Deputy Commander of Air Command.

Andre’s 36-year career with the Canadian Forces culminated with his appointment as Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) from 2009 - 2012. As Commander, Andre led the RCAF through its most intense operational period in sixty years. He managed an aggressive transformation of the RCAF’s personnel, infrastructure, and operational assets, guiding the RCAF through some of the most challenging acquisition programs in Department of National Defence, while expanding operational relationships in both the South American and Asia Pacific theatres.

Andre Deschamps is a graduate of Auburn University, the United States Air Force Command and Staff College, Canada’s Advanced Military Studies Course, the United States Joint Forces Command Capstone Course and the Government of Canada Advanced Leadership Program.

An experienced consultant in the fields of Defence, Security and Aviation Operations, Andre became CFN's Senior Managing Partner on July 1st, 2020.

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