Tom Dunne - Associate Consultant


Brigadier-General (Retired) Tom Dunne, BEng, MA, MPA, CD, joined CFN Atlantic after an extensive RCAF career specializing in Search and Rescue (SAR) and transport operations. He has commanded units both in Canada and deployed on operations at the squadron and Wing level. Recognized as an expert in SAR and Air Force operations, Tom has served successively as the senior SAR Capability Group Advisor to the Commander of 1 Canadian Air Division and the senior SAR Strategic Advisor to the Commander of the RCAF.

Tom has significant international experience, having worked extensively with the US and UK among many Allies and partners. Experiences range from flying USCG aircraft on SAR and counter-narcotics operations to representing Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon. Tom was recognized by the USAF for his team-building skills, having greatly improved USAF-RCAF relations while serving the RCAF as the Air and Space Attaché in the Embassy of Canada in Washington, DC. Tom also worked closely with PSPC, GAC, the USAF and USN to advance Canada’s key procurement interests in the US Capital. In his last appointment, Tom served as NORAD’s Deputy Director for Strategy, Policy and Plans, leading a cross-functional team that provided input to NORAD Modernization.

Tom is a graduate of the UK’s Joint Services Command and Staff College, Canada’s National Security Program and NATO’s General/Flag Officer and Ambassador’s Course. Tom remains active as a sessional instructor with the University of PEI, teaching Strategic Management in the Faculty of Business.

Operating with CFN Atlantic, Tom will bring a unique international perspective to Defence, Strategy, Air and Space interests for clients in the Maritimes and throughout Canada.

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