Darren Knight - Partner

Darren Knight

Captain (N) (Retired) Darren Knight joined CFN Consultants in 2011, re-locating to the Ottawa office in 2014 after representing the partnership in Europe for a three year period. Prior to joining CFN, he enjoyed 29 years of service as an Intelligence Officer in the Canadian Forces followed by almost four years with Lockheed Martin Canada in the C4ISR business line.

Darren is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston and the Canadian Forces Command & Staff College in Toronto. His military career included active duty in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, several years as Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence for the Canadian Navy and command of the Joint Ocean Surveillance and Information Centre, known as "TRINITY". He also spent two years as the Canadian Forces Intelligence Liaison Officer in Washington DC prior to taking up a series of key staff positions at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa.

While specializing in Intelligence duties, Darren spent much of his later career in joint assignments dedicated to the improvement of C4ISR and operations-related IT capabilities in the Canadian Forces, including stewardship of the Canadian Forces Command System and the first iteration of a Joint UAV Program Office. After three years in Joint Force Development, he was able to put many of his concepts and projects into action as the Director of the National Defence Command Centre. The culmination of his career was as Director General Intelligence Capabilities, dedicated to force generation of intelligence specialists for service in Afghanistan.

Darren's military background has been enhanced by his business experience with Lockheed Martin Canada. Having worked as an Advanced Programs manager and in Business Development, as well as benefiting from Lockheed Martin's extensive training program, Darren has broadened his understanding of the capital acquisitions process used by the Government of Canada, particularly as it relates to command & control systems, unmanned systems, and mission-critical IT enablers. As part of the CFN team, Darren is able to leverage these unique skill sets to support our clients. Darren became a CFN Partner 1 August 2016.